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Our online presence includes the finest global collection of luxury real estate websites in the World. Juwai, Wall Street Journal, The James Edition, Barren’s Penta, Who’s Who of Luxury Real Estate Mansion Global, RE/MAX Collestion and RE/Max Global all fill a much needed niche providing high net worth individuals with a variety of luxury properties from around the globe.

The James Edition is a global online luxury marketplace for properties, cars, yachts, and private jets. Juwai is a Chinese website for overseas properties and is China’s largest overseas property website.

The combination of these individual sites ensure that our properties are seen all over the World by the right people.

Nobody in the World sells more real estate than RE/MAX. As the most productive real estate network as measured by residential transactions, RE/MAX continues to have # 1 market share over all our regions.

RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other Canadian brand real estate company and RE/MAX is the most recognized and # 1 in Brand recognition.


Our mission is to reach more prospective customers across FaceBook, Instagram and Messenger to promote our residential properties, commercial properties, and building developments. We strategically connect with our sphere of influence to generate leads on this widely used network of 244 million users between the U.S. and Canada.

It provides RE/MAX Escarpment with a chance to tell our story and market our agents and our listings.

The combination of our Face Book strategy and our Global websites ensure our properties and agents are getting world wide exposure.


Our customer service is built on the foundation of drive, experience and education and is the cornerstone of RE/MAX success.

The track record of RE/MAX over the past 40+ years is proof that it’s focus on the customer needs, backed by the ability to deliver remains as important as ever.

Great things happen when driven individuals come together and treat Real Estate as a profession.


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