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The Best Luxury Flooring Designs

The Best Luxury Flooring Designs

The Best Luxury Flooring Designs

If you are looking for inspiration when remodeling a home, or to increase the property value, there is now a seemingly endless choice of modern flooring materials to choose from.

Here are our top picks for 2021.

Wood Look Porcelain Tiles
These are very popular in the south, or anywhere there is water, sand and heat. These porcelain tiles visually emulate the warmth of wood, but offer the practicality of ceramic. They come with different textures that look strikingly like real wood with grain patterns and knots. These tiles have a silky touch but are not reflective, and are also available in an anti-slip format for added safety in areas where tracking water may be an issue – both inside and out. The designs are so good it is easy to mistake them for real wood, without worrying about wear and tear or the risk of scratching.

Marble-Look Porcelain Floors
Porcelain tiles that look like marble as an alternative to real marble is another flooring trend. It looks extremely realistic compared to their genuine counterparts, making it difficult to tell the difference. This results in the same beautiful look as marble, but at a fraction of the cost.

Stone floors are durable and chic. One of my favourite stone floors is TERRAZZO and with the revival of Mid Century modern and Ranch Style homes, this flooring is making a big come back. Terrazzo is made from stone fragments, crushed glass, shells or other organic materials embedded in concrete and polished until smooth.

Concrete floors are completely customizable and provide a great alternative to traditional flooring options such as hardwood, and tile. Colour choices, textures, patterns or beautiful artwork in the concrete are all possibilities. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing with concrete. If your home has existing concrete sub-floors, perhaps expose them and add decorative finishes for stunning results.

Bleached and Blanched Woods
Not everyone likes the glossy brown stains of traditional wooden floors. For some, the softer white-washed look of a bleached floor is more to their taste. This kind of flooring consists of wood that has undergone a bleaching process, also called blanching. This involves applying a chemical solution onto the surface of the wood to get rid of the “colour”. By colour I mean the artificial dye or stain coating the wood. Blanching gives the wood an ashy, white-washed look while maintaining the visibility of the natural wood grain. White oak floors are very popular with their light colour and dull finish. They have the potential to make a space look cleaner and more spacious.

Black and White Vintage Tiles
Vintage has always been about nostalgia that brings back the warmth and memories of decades past. In 2020, black and white tiles have made a strong comeback. It’s not the same black and white tiles we are used to seeing in Craftsmen style or historic homes. It’s bold, graphic and more luxurious looking. It’s a unique twist to the vintage style with a bolder statement. These tiles are being used in entry foyers, bathrooms and laundry rooms around the country and in many different styles of home, as it blends well with contemporary designs. Don’t forget to achieve a total luxury experience by installing a heating system under all your tile floors – not just the bathrooms.

Hardwood Flooring with a Modern Twist
Hardwood flooring is always a classic choice, but in 2021, it will be anything but boring. The classic styles of parquet and herringbone designs are back, along with wood inlays and curved floors. Custom geometric wood designs are popular as they blend perfectly with the Mid-Century Modern and Modern Contemporary styles.

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